-  ILoC-1000
-  ILoC-2000
-  gTrack
-  mTrack
-  AMT-1000
-  LBS Center Solution
-  Small Output Wireless Communication Solution
Integrated server able to provide location based information in the form of map and texts through the Internet after receiving and recording the location of moving objects
Configuration Chart
TCP/IP G/W Collecting location data by connection to moving objects
SMS G/W Transmitting control command and message of moving objects
Message S/W Switching message between wireless N/W and wired N/W
AVL Server Recording and managing location data into DB(DBs available : Oracle/FireBird/MSSQL/Tibero)
WEB Server Including information provision application program through the Internet (WAS available : Tomcat/Apache , JEUS/WebToB)
Map Server Maps of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Naver, Daum, Openlayer, etc. can be used.

Server Multiplexing of G/W and AVL server, Transmitting SMS for system trouble management

Location control system for vehicles, asset management system, portable relief service system