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Patrol Control of National Police
In order to check service performance by using vehicles, you can check the performance results by checking the driving trace and utilize them as perform data without the need to check details.
?Cleaning and Quarantine Activity Check: You can decide whether duty was performed by comprehensively checking the velocity, region, direction, etc. through trace information during the working hours and precisely understand the work performance by checking the distance.
??As the advancement of medical care business, the electronic management system for information age, the correct checking of work performance of civilian business agents, the automation system of task documentation, and the database are required, TRATEC Information and Communication Co., Ltd. came to support the quarantine vehicle control of public health center and the database of the quarantine region by interlocking gTrack and ILoC.


- Checking driving record of a specific quarantine vehicles
- When designating a quarantine vehicle, the company name, license plate number, driverí»s name, contact number, etc. are displayed.
- The trace of the selected vehicle is put out as date, hour/minute/second, information type, the driving velocity by time, etc. - The vehicle trace is displayed on the map of jurisdiction in the order of driving course with arrows.


Reference Sites
Location Control Service for Quarantine Vehicles of Public Health Center
(33 centers including Incheon, Ilsan, Gimpo, etc.)